As new movie titles are released, they may contain enhanced features or software that is not yet compatible with your 3D Video Wizard. Should you experience playback issues, a firmware upgrade may resolve it. To enhance this systems capability and to enjoy all the latest 3D innovations, you should ensure that your device is running the latest firmware.


Q how do I check the firmware version on my 3D Video Wizard?  

A Using the remote control, click the MENU button and select Version. The firmware version will be in the top right of the screen.


Q how do I update the firmware?

A Download the latest firmware (UPD file) from below, to a USB flash drive. Plug the flash drive into the USB service port on your 3D Video Wizard.

Wait for the first 6 lights on the front panel to remain lit.

Remove the USB drive. The update process takes up to 15 seconds.

Download 3D Video Wizard Firmware.
Version release date Click to Download
50.02.10 9/18/2012 3Dwizard.upd